• How to choose a suitable homecare hospital bed for patient

How to choose a suitable homecare hospital bed for patient

1. The safety and stability of nursing beds. The general nursing bed is for a patient who has limited mobility and is bedridden for a long time. This puts forward higher requirements for the safety and stability of the bed. The user must present a registration certificate and production license of a product in the Drug Administration when purchasing. In this way, the medical care safety of the nursing bed is guaranteed.

2. Bed practicality. Nursing beds can be divided into electric and manual. Manual is suitable for a short-term nursing needs of patients and can solve a difficult nursing problem in a short time. Electric is suitable for families with long-term bedridden patients with mobility impairments. This not only greatly reduces the burden on nursing staff and family members, but the most important thing is that patients can control their own lives by themselves, which greatly improves their confidence in life, not only in life. A person’s needs have also reached self-satisfaction in terms of the quality of life, which is conducive to the recovery of the patient’s disease.

Third, the economics of nursing beds, electric nursing beds are stronger than manual nursing beds in practicality, but the price is several times that of manual nursing beds, and some with complete functions reach tens of US$15,000. This factor should also be considered when purchasing.

4. Nursing bed sheets with two folds, double folds for three folds, four folds, etc. This is suitable for the health care of some fracture recovery patients and long-term bedridden patients. It is convenient for special patients’ sleep, study, entertainment and other needs.

5. Nursing beds with toilets and dampness alarms for shampooing and foot washing devices. These devices are conducive to the patient’s usual self-cleaning care and urinary incontinence patients, and it is conducive to the patient’s urination and defecation care.


Post time: Jan-25-2021

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