• Daily care and precautions of ABS hospital beds

Daily care and precautions of ABS hospital beds

    In terms of processing and manufacturing, the ABS bed legs without castors can save a lot of processes, and the entire processing flow is relatively simple. And if casters are added, both the production cost and the caster cost should be included.

    In fact, the use of china hospital bed is similar to that of electric ABS beds, but it is simpler in terms of operation and other aspects. For example, compared with electric, many electric ABS beds have more complicated functions and more buttons, which is not suitable for ordinary patients. Convenient and quick operation requirements are one of the reasons why many hospitals choose hand-cranked medical ABS beds.

 Now let's formally introduce what problems should be paid attention to in the use of manual ABS hospital beds. Since it is a semi-fowler bed, it is a rocker that controls the lifting of the ABS bed, so the effect of the rocker is very large. Whether it is the patient's family or the nurses in the hospital, it must be when operating the rocker. Pay attention to the uniform force to avoid the occurrence of the rocker falling off due to excessive force, because if the falling off will cause the raised bed panel to drop suddenly, it will cause physical and mental damage to the patient.

 Then there is the daily protection of the 3cranks ABS hospital bed. This is more important, because some manual hospital bed manufacturers need to use lubricating oil on the rocker to make the rocker work normally. In addition, during the daily cleaning of the bed surface, be careful not to have foreign objects at the link of the bed surface, so that it is easy to cause irreversible damage to the bed when the ABS bed is raised and lowered, and then shorten the service life of the hand-cranked ABS bed.


Post time: Oct-08-2021

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