• Australia customer liked our medical trolley very much

Australia customer liked our medical trolley very much

In 2018, Australian customers ordered a batch of medical medicine trolley from our company through the website. This batch of medical trolley is our classic model. It has 6 drawers and the size is: 625*475*930mm, which is used in hospitals. ,

The order process went smoothly. After the customer’s order was confirmed, the payment was made immediately. From medicine trolleys  production to delivery, and receipt of the goods, everything went smoothly. After receiving the medicine trolley, they expressed that they were very satisfied with the quality of the drug trolley, and the nurse did praise the excellent quality of the product. Exactly, the customer also expressed their high appreciation for the product during the use of the medicine trolley , and will further discuss future cooperation intentions. The praise and support of the clients are our greatest motivation, and we hope that in the future cooperation there will be more opportunities between us.

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Post time: Nov-11-2021

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