• Gynecological table AC-GEB001

Gynecological table AC-GEB001

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Best Selling Manual delivery bed table with competitive prices

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Product Description:

The examination bed for multifunctional examination bed, applicable to: gynecological examination, beautiful appearance, functional and practical, simple operation.

The examination bed’s back part is equipped with gas spring, there is a paper roll at the back part.  

Examination paper tape can be adjusted according to customer requirements, increase the seat plate upward function (optional).

Examination bed legs plate, pedals and dirt basin are in hidden design, which can save space.

Foot stool

There is hidden step stool, which can be used by the patient when they want to get off the bed. .

Examination bed equipped with large capacity drawer which can be used for storing documents and instruments.

Seamless mattress can keep the examination bed clean. 

Technical Parameters

Table top dimension  length 1800mm, width 610mm
Min & Max. table height  510mm-810mm
Back section turning  -15°~85°
Arm rest swing out 90°
Foot rest swing  down0,up90°
Foot rest swing out  ≥30°
Power  Depend on different countries

Standard Accessories

Foot switch 1 unit Arm rest 1 set
Leg holder 1pair Clamp 1 pair
Foot rest 1 pair Assist platform 1 unit
Filth basin 1 piece    Paper roll holder 1 piece
Electric Wire 1 piece  
Packing 1.62cbm/pcs.wooden case packing

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