• AC-ET027 Emergency Hospital Trolley Cart

AC-ET027 Emergency Hospital Trolley Cart

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1.Annecy Hosptial crash cart JEMP assembly line products, mainly composed of steel·ABS engineering plastic structure; plastic steel four-column load-bearing;

2. The upper part of the car body: the large-scale mold for the table top includes ABS guardrails that are not easy to slip off. Three-sided ABS guardrails, 70mm high, transparent soft glass on the table, integrated design of handrails and guardrails, free to push on the left and right sides, and fine leather on the operating table Pattern design, anti-scratch and easy to clean;

3. Front of the car body: the central control lock can be folded, equipped with two drawers, the first layer draws 80mm, the inner space: 430*335*68mm* the second layer draws 120mm inner space: 430*335*110mm, inside the drawer 3*3 separators can be separated freely, the size of the anti-theft sealing slot identification plate, the 113*35mm observation window with a 15-degree angle for easy identification and prevent liquid and dust from entering; the new dovetail handle is thickened and enlarged, and the ergonomic tilt design; The lower part opens the door, and the movable partition in the door can hold small instruments;

4. Left side: The defibrillator platform can be interchanged with the infusion stand, telescopic auxiliary workbench, and debris box;

5. Right side: The nylon material of the telescopic infusion stand is formed at one time, and the load can be 2-5KG. The defibrillator platform is interchangeable on the infusion stand, ABS double dirt bucket, and a 3 liter selective sharps box;

6. The back of the car body: the rescue board, the concealed telescopic oxygen cylinder bracket does not take up space, and the movable power plug board is convenient to replace the power supply of different countries:

7. The bottom of the car body: four luxury universal plug-in silent wheels with a diameter of 100 mm, two of which have a brake function;

8. Net weight: 24.6KG

9. Gross weight: 29.9KG

10. Packing size: 680*520*970MM"


1.Two drawers one door

2.3*3 segregation board in every drawer

3.I.V. pole

4.Power supply equipped

5.Sliding Side Shelf working table

6.Storage box

7.Double trash cans

8.Defibrillator shelf

9.C.P.R board

10.Oxygen Tank Holder

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