• How to clean the electric hospital bed?

How to clean the electric hospital bed?

The electric hospital bed can be turned left, right, and 45-degree angle to deal with the patient’s difficulty in turning over. It solves the patient’s long-term depressed mind. During the treatment of the patient, we must first ensure the patient’s health problems. It is a series of cleaning of electric hospital beds, so how to clean electric hospital beds?

   1. The electric hospital bed must be cleaned and disinfected before it is used. The specific operation process is: first scrub with clean water, then disinfect with a non-corrosive disinfectant, and then wipe dry with a special cleaning cloth after disinfection.

  2. It also needs to be cleaned and disinfected after the operation is completed.

  3. The mattress part can be sprayed and disinfected with a mixture of alcohol and glutaraldehyde in an appropriate proportion, and dried in time after disinfection.

  4. In the cleaning process, pay attention to choosing a non-corrosive disinfectant. If it is a disinfectant configured, pay attention to the proportion and concentration of the debugging.

   5. After cleaning, it must be disinfected, and the surface should be wiped dry after cleaning and disinfection to keep the surface dry.

   These are cleaning issues that should be paid attention to during the application process, and it can also be said that it is the correct cleaning method. At the same time, what we must pay great attention to is the knowledge of the use and maintenance of this kind of hospital bed.

 1.The electric hospital bed should be placed in a very low position when it is unnecessary, and the power control line should be wound around and placed in a safe place. Remember to brake the universal wheel.

 2. During using, bumps must be avoided to prevent damage to the bed and its accessories.

 3. Be sure to regularly check whether the control line is strong, whether the universal wheel is damaged, whether there is rust, and whether it can roll freely.

 4.If the hospital bed and accessories are accidentally contacted by corrosive liquids during use, and the color changes and stains are not cleaned in time, they can be cleaned with clean water and then wiped with a dry cloth until they are clean.


Post time: Oct-18-2021

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