• Do you know what are the basic functions of a hospital bed?

Do you know what are the basic functions of a hospital bed?

     The medical bed is a common medical product. Its structure is very simple, but cheap hospital bed is very suitable for patients to use. It is also very convenient to clean and maintain. But we should have discovered when we buy medical beds. The price gap is very high. Big one, do you know why? Do you know the basic functions of medical beds?

  The basic functions of medical beds:

   1. The head and foot board of the bed should be quickly disassembled. This is to facilitate doctors and nurses to quickly check the head and foot boards to rescue patients in urgent situations.

  2. Side rails . What medical beds require is that the guardrails must be firm and can be easily pulled up or down.

  3. Casters, especially icu beds used by some critically ill patients, especially emphasize the flexibility of casters. Because many critically ill patients cannot move their bodies when they are in an urgent situation, the entire clinical beds must be pushed to the rescue room and other places. At this time, if there is a problem with the casters, it will be fatal.

  How to distinguish the value of hospital beds?

   1. The difference in the quality of medical beds

  The quality of hospital beds is a test of the manufacturer. We must cooperate with regular manufacturers with integrity and conscience. The medical bed produced by Zhangjiagang Annecy Machinery Co., Ltd. is of good quality and is a standard medical bed standard in our country. It is worth choosing and buying.

  2, the difference in the materials of medical beds

   The price of a product is mainly determined by its raw materials, which are mainly made of iron spray, ABS head and foot board, ABS guardrail or aluminum alloy guardrail.

3. The difference in casters for hospital beds

Different quality casters of hospital beds have different load-bearing capacity. The bed of Zhangjiagang Annecy Machinery Co., Ltd. has a load-bearing capacity of 250KG.

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