• AC-WNT003 Medical workstation trolley

AC-WNT003 Medical workstation trolley

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  • Best selling hospital medical trolley with competitive prices

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AC-WNT003 Workstation trolley

Model No:AC-MNT003

  • Details:
  • Tabletop is made of ABS material by injection molding techniques;
  • Height of tabletop adjustable;
  • With space for mouse,keyboard; 
  • Two drawers;     
  • Fan-shaped chassis,move more steady

Size:480*520*830-1030MM ,Packing:650*690*1082mm

Product name: Laptop workstation mobile trolley cart

1. Material; The body of the car is made of cold steel spray, the table and drawer are ABS engineering plastics, which are formed in one time, wear resistant and easy to clean.

2. Front: The table is formed as a whole with handrails, ABS sunken guardrail 60mm notebook on the first floor can be locked, keyboard and mouse on the second floor can be placed.

3. Bottom: four-foot aluminum alloy grinding tool, one-time molding, with two drawers and dust bins .top cover ABS engineering plastic, double-sided luxury silent wheel, two of which are equipped with brakes, strong and durable; It can be pushed and turned at will on the flat ground.

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