• AC-MT011 Medicine Trolley

AC-MT011 Medicine Trolley

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AC-MT011 Medicine Trolley

Model No:AC-MT011

Mainly made of plastic, aluminum and steel
ABS top board ,easy to clean

1.Six drawers 3*3 segregation board in every drawer
2.Storage box
3.One big trash can one small dust can


Product Details

Specification: 625*475*930mm

1. JEMP assembly line products, mainly composed of aluminum·steel·ABS engineering plastic structure; plastic steel four-column load-bearing;

2. The ABS bottom surface is formed by injection molding process, and the recessed design can prevent items from falling. The table is equipped with stainless steel guardrail, and the table is equipped with transparent soft glass;

3. The left side of the car body: sundries box;

4. The right side of the car body: ABS double dirt bucket;

5. Behind the car body: no accessories;

6. Front of the car body: front of the car body: central control lock, equipped with six drawers, the first, second, third, and fourth layers of small extraction surface 80mm, inner space: 430x335*68mm*The fifth layer of central extraction surface 120mm inner space: 430x335* 110mm*The sixth layer of deep drawing surface 200mm inner space: 430x335*185mm 3*3 dividers in the drawer, which can be separated freely, *Drawer handle is dovetail type, sealed slot type transparent identification card specifications: 115*28m, prevent liquid and Dust enters

7. The bottom of the car body: luxury universal plug-in silent wheels, two of which have brake function

8. Gross weight: 37.8KG

9. Packing size: 730*530*970MM

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