• AC-IT002 Infusion Trolley

AC-IT002 Infusion Trolley

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AC-IT002 Infusion Trolley

Model No:AC-IT002

  • Details:
  • Mainly made of plastic, aluminum and steel
  • ABS top board ,easy to clean

1.One middle drawers
2.3*3 segregation board in every drawer
3.Two trash cans
4.Needle Disposal Holder
5.One level IV pole 6.One storage shelf


Product Details

Specification: 850*520*930mm

1. The main body is made of aluminum·steel·ABS engineering plastic structure; plastic steel four-column load-bearing;

2Upper part: stainless steel three-sided fence, recessed design can prevent items from falling off, the table is equipped with transparent soft glass;

3. The body is equipped with a central drawdown surface of 120mm, inner space: 508*358*110mm, three-fold silent guide rail, 3*3 divider inside the drawer, which can be separated freely; the drawer handle is dovetail type, sealed slot type transparent identification card specifications 115*28mm, prevent liquid and dust from entering; there is a storage basin in the middle;

4. Right side; double dirt bucket;

5. Behind: single-row gantry;

6. The bottom of the car body: luxurious universal plug-in silent wheels, two of which have brake function;

7. Gross weight: 25.3kg;

8. Packing size: 890*570*980mm.

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